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Know peoples experience and their success stories. Everyone has overcome their own stories, including:

Porn & Masturbation De-Addiction In A Unique Way

This treatment involves medications
for the hormonal balance and Hypnotherapy for mind balance. Our services include:

  • Medication
  • Therapy
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How to Satisfy Women in Late 60's?

Sex and Aging: As women age, they have fewer thoughts and fantasies related to sex. Vaginal lubrication is also reduced, and so does sexual satisfaction as per multiple pieces of research..

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Build Healthy and Confident
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Penis Enlargement Tips and Tricks

Most men look forward to improving their sexual performance depends on artificial pills.

  • Guiding for Exercise Daily
  • Diet
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Stress Control
  • The Warm Up Method
  • Method to Quit Smoking
  • Assit to Limit Alcohol Consumption
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Penis Enlargement - A Positive Experience

Education & assistant and to avoid online enlargement scams. wanted to be treated by a proper doctor rather than self medication.

  • Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia
  • treatment therapy
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Can Obesity Lead to Erectile dysfunction..?

Firstly obesity leads to cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries which supplies blood to the penis & this drastically reduce penis blood supply which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction

  • reducing arterial cholesterol deposits
  • improving blood flow to penis
  • normalise his libido
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Myths and facts about oral sex

Oral sex has recently emerged as a "must have" and "most pleasurable act" in sexual episode. Expectations from each other at emotional, physical and sexual level.

  • maintaining a good hygiene
  • Always trim the hair in pubic areas
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Do Workouts Have Any Direct Relation With Sexual Stamina?

Too much high-intensity exercise can result in: 1) Being too tired for sex 2) Losing interest in sex.

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Fitness (Endurance / Stamina)
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Masturbation and Premature Ejaculation

suffering from weakness and premature ejaculation. Due to this, started avoiding sex.

  • Diet - Pure Veg
  • Habit of smoking
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
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9 Ways To Get Rid Of Masturbation

Masturbation is defined as stimulation of the genitals with the hand for sexual pleasure.
Now that anything in excess is harmful, you got to keep a control over how many times you're releasing tension.

  • Keep yourself busy
  • Work Out in Gym
  • Avoid watching pornos.
  • Seek counselling
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Premature Ejaculation, Feeble Erections & Shockwave therapy..

Wanted to have healthy & enjoyable sexual life.. But feeble erection and early ejaculation bothered both of them, even though his wife never confronted him.

  • Shockwave (Li-ESW) Therapy
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Masturbation Addiction and Tiredness

Excessive and frequent masturbation took a toll.. Always tired, dull, dizzy, drowsy and poor concentration.

  • Routine - Mind Exercise
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Premature Ejaculation Due To Heat Exposure

Suffering from premature ejaculation and couldn’t understand why got this problem and so earlier.

  • Lifestyle and Health Parameters
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Erection problem..

Caused a lot of pain in testicles.. tried many ways to have an erection...

  • ultrasound test
  • Anxiety
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Premature Ejaculation, Smoking and Alcohol

Not able to sustain lovemaking for an adequate amount of time...

  • Improve Stress Life
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Just 3 Weeks to marry.. What, When, how..???

Confused and had misconceptions about whether having an intact..

  • Spiritual Believe
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Leydig Cells, Alcohol & infertility...

"Studies found that in the testes, alcohol can adversely affect the Leydig cells, which produce and secrete the hormone testosterone"

  • Homeopathic, Ayurvedic & supplements
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Max 10 Seconds Doctor..?

"premature ejaculation due to excessive masturbation habit in childhood.."

  • Homeopathic, Ayurvedic & supplements
  • Sleep Pattern
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Stress.. How It Impacts Male Sexual Life?

"Stress can have a negative impact on male sexual stamina. When a man experiences stress, it can cause physical and emotional changes that affect sexual function."

  • stress-reducing techniques
  • Making positive lifestyle
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How to Improve Sexual Desire?

"There are many factors that can influence sexual desire, including physical, psychological, and relational factors. Improving sexual desire."

  • Seek therapy
  • Practice self-care
  • Address underlying medical issues
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Increased Libido During Summer - Know the Reasons

"There are several reasons why sex drive may increase during the summer season."

  • Increased exposure to sunlight
  • Increased physical activity
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
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6 Most Desirable Things in Intercourse

"Desirability in intercourse is subjective and varies among individuals, but several aspects are commonly valued:"

  • Emotional Connection: Intimacy and emotional bonding
  • Mutual Pleasure
  • Communication
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6 Negative Effects of Mental Distress on Sex Drive

"Here are six physiological changes in the body that occur during a disturbed mind, impacting sex drive:"

  • Hormonal Imbalance:
  • Altered Brain Chemistry:
  • Increased Muscle Tension
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6 Indications Women Is Not Enjoying Sex

"Recognizing signs that a woman may not be enjoying sex is crucial for fostering a mutually satisfying and consensual sexual experience. Some indications that a woman may not be enjoying sex include:"

  • Lack of Lubrication:
  • Tension or Rigidity:
  • Minimal Vocalization:
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6 Indications Women Is Enjoying Sex

"There are various indications that a woman is enjoying sex, and these can vary from individual to individual. Some common signs include:"

  • Increased Lubrication
  • Moaning and Vocalization:
  • Physical Responses:
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Top 5 Most Preferred Sex Positions in India

"Sexual preferences vary greatly among individuals, and there is no definitive list of the top five most preferred sex positions in India or any other country. However, some commonly enjoyed positions among couples in India include:"

  • Missionary Position:
  • Doggy Style:
  • Woman on Top (Cowgirl):
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